The nicest things people have ever said about me.

“We cannot even begin to express our love for Autumn! When I found her on instagram, I instantly fell in love with her candid and emotion-filled photography. At first, we were hesitant to hire someone who was not local and someone we did not know, especially when we had never met anyone who had booked an out-of-state photographer before. She exceeded our expectations, took AMAZING engagement photos, and became a great friend. She makes her clients feel completely comfortable in front of the camera, and shows true interest in the photos she is taking. We were so happy to have her take photos of our wedding, and also genuinely loved that she was able to be there as a friend. During the busy wedding process, it is such a great feeling to know that you can absolutely trust the person who is taking the photos of such an important moment in your life.” – Nataly



“Taking pictures with Autumn was hands down the happiest part of my entire wedding! She made the process so flawless and easy. I am SO INCREDIBLY awkward in front of the camera and she made me feel so comfortable. I am in LOVE with our pictures. I have about 60 of them up on my wall. She takes the most beautiful photos that capture the personality of the couple. I can see my husband’s personality and our love and happiness in each of the photos and it makes me teary just thinking about it. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I can’t wait to take anniversary photos with Autumn every single year (only partly kidding). Great quality, fun times, perfect pictures. Highly recommend.” – Sammy



“WE LOVE AUTUMN!!! Wedding planning can be so stressful, but one thing I never had to worry about were the photos. They were stunning beyond belief and truly captured our personalities as well as the most memorable, specific, and special moments of the evening. It was so crazy that we literally met each other the DAY of my wedding but by the end of the night I felt like we had become best friends! She is so great at being personable and friendly so she makes anyone she meets feel instantly comfortable. Autumn also had such confidence in what she was doing so Chris and I didn’t feel awkward wondering how to pose or what to do for a picture. Her down-to-earth personality really calmed my nerves so that I could relax and be in the moment. She is so so fun and danced with us while still managing to capture the best party moments! She went above and beyond, not only sending me more pictures than I expected, but also staying later than we had planned. When I saw my pictures I literally cried because her talent is something out of this world. So many people commented weeks and months after our wedding about what a great photographer we had, and we couldn’t agree more! The best advice I ever got when planning a wedding was: You may regret splurging on a dress you wear once or decorations that you never use again… but you’ll never regret having amazing photos to remember the best day of your life. I’m SO GLAD we had Autumn to capture our perfect day because she honestly is the VERY best! – Amanda



“Autumn was not just my ‘wedding photographer,’ but she was an incredible friend who happened to take photos at my wedding! Now i’ve only met Autumn once before the actual wedding day yet I find myself telling people about her as if we have been friends since kindergarten. She is such a fun loving, easy going, laughter filled photographer that you find yourself forgetting about all the stress you’ve endured the last couple of months and just embrace the moment of you, your partner, and the love you share. I think the best part about her as a photographer is she jumped right in with my friends and family, where they were telling me after the wedding how they missed her and wished she lived closer! With Autumn you’re not just getting insanely beautiful wedding photos (which you will be!) but you’re getting a friend and a lovely, wonderful addition to the wedding guest list. I look forward to staying connected with her and to continue bonding over tacos and dance parties. So much to be thankful for in just one pink haired lady!” – Taylor



“I found Autumn on Instagram and literally FELL IN LOVE with her work. I would stalk her instagram and blogs and just imagine her taking our wedding photos haha She responded lightning fast to my inquiry and was so nice, responsive, and helpful in planning and booking for my destination wedding! We did a night before session so we could meet her before the wedding day and she sent sneak peeks THAT NIGHT and it just solidified how happy I was we found her! Autumn and her bff and assistant for the day, Mal, were the BEST time at our wedding – seriously my family who knew nothing about photography couldn’t stop complimenting how fun, personable, easy-going, and quick Autumn was!! Autumn busted a move on the dance floor and just fit in so seamlessly on our day! We absolutely love our wedding photos and have them displayed all over our house!! I look up to Autumn as a photographer and just an amazing, funny, laid-back person. Seriously anyone who books her will NOT regret it! Not only are her photos STUNNING OMG, but she’s amazing and fun to be around as well.” – Autumn



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