Hey friends!

There are a few questions that I receive pretty regularly and decided to make a list to answer the most common ones. 


What’s in your camera bag?

  • Vinta camera bag
  • 2 Canon 5D Mark IV’s
  • Canon 35mm 1.4 L ii (I use this 99.9% of the time)
  • Canon 85mm 1.8
  • Canon 24mm 1.4
  • the flash I use is a Speedlite 430x ii (for dark receptions)
  • Video light (from amazon)

Do you shoot families?

  • Unfortunately, I’m no longer taking family sessions as I’m focusing my time and energy on weddings and elopements. I tried for a while when I first started, but found that families just weren’t my thing! Hit me up for some referrals for awesome family photogs in my area.

What about not-so-intimate, big traditional white weddings?

Heck yes! I’ll do it all. I’d never limit myself to one type of wedding. Although I love intimate weddings and elopements, big weddings are amazing and beautiful in their own special way too! I love hanging with your family and friends and getting all those details that make the day memorable. Plus reception photos are fun. Who doesn’t want a picture of their grandma gettin’ down?

Do you travel?

  • DUH I sure do! I love traveling. Check out my travel page to see all of my current travel plans for 2019. All my travel fees are included in my rate for out-of-Utah wedding packages.

Do you send out your RAW images?

  • I don’t! One reason for this is because they’re kind of impossible to send out. These are the straight-out-of-camera, uncompressed, MASSIVE images that haven’t been touched digitally yet, meaning they’re too big to send over any normal site and too big to open without certain programs like Photoshop and Lightroom. You can’t print these images, physically or legally. I also spent a looooot of time. And I mean a lot. Of time editing your photos and sending them to you in the best, most optimized quality I can to make it easy for you to print, post, and share them all over the internets. If there’s something you don’t like about your edits, let me know. If there’s a photo you believe I took but didn’t receive, let me know. When I send a gallery I promise you that I’m sending every good quality, well lit, in-focus image I got. If I didn’t send it to you, it wasn’t great, or there was another that looked too similar.