Frequently Asked Questions

Hey there! Welcome to yet another, super cool, super fun page of my website. This one is where I use all my endless and powerful knowledge to preemptively answer questions you may or may not have because a lot of other people have had them too! Hopefully, this clears up any concerns or confusion and gets you even more psyched to work together!

Where are you based?

I live just a little south of Salt Lake City, UT! This may not be clear right off the bat since I travel for most of weddings, but I’m nestled between allll the mountains and love it endlessly.

Do couples ever travel to Utah for their engagements?

Allll the time. It’s absolutely beautiful here so there’s tons of variety for amazing backdrops for photos, and it’s also just an awesome place to visit! There’s a reason Deangelo Vickers loved the southwest so much (Office reference, not sorry.) We have mountains for days, lakes, deserts, cities, and a million national parks. I’m also kind of a pro when it comes to the local foods, so if you come here expect a nice long list of my favorite eats. I always encourage engagement sessions whether you come to me (doooo itttt) or I head to wherever you live!

How involved are you in the planning process?

To put it simply; as much or as little as you want me to be! Hopefully, that means a lot, because I genuinely love helping out as much as I can. As someone who has been to too many weddings to count, I’m basically a free bank of information at your disposal. I send super detailed guides with advice on how to set up your day, offer sample timelines that work with your other vendors, stay in touch with your coordinator if you have one, check in with phone calls, texts, facetimes, all of it. You’ll basically be begging me to leave you alone. Joking. But I’m always there for you if you need me. I know all the stresses and little annoying details that go into making your day perfect and I’m definitely not “just a photographer.”

How will we receive our photos and how many do you send?

Your photos will arrive all edited and organized in a pretty little online gallery via pic-time. You’ll have full printing and posting rights and the photos will be available to download in hi-res for up to one year after delivery. I HIGHLY recommend downloading them ASAP, to multiple places, because I can’t guarantee I’ll hold onto them forever as much as I love looking at your cute faces. As far as quantity, every session and wedding gallery will vary. But I typically send around 75 photos per hour.

Do you offer albums or prints?

Not exactly. Although I absolutely adore the concept of albums and being able to hold your memories in your own two hands, I do not include them in my packages. However, I am absolutely stoked to help you design an amazing album directly from that gallery I’m sending you through pic-time. I go through the highest quality printing companies and we can create something awesome to pass down for generations. Or give to your mamas.

What is your turnaround time?

Photo sessions will get to you within 6 weeks at the absolute latest. Weddings take me about 8-10 weeks to send back. But I’ll get you some sneak peeks, don’t worry.

Do you send us the RAWs?


What does the payment process look like?

When you’re ready to book I’ll require a 30% deposit to secure your date. The remaining balance will be due 10 days before your wedding date.

What if you can’t make it to our wedding?

First of all, I’d cry for seven days. But that’s only if I weren’t dead since that’s one of the only reasons I wouldn’t make it. Not to be morbid. But tragedy, extreme illness, and acts of God are the only reason for me to not be there. If this ends up being the case, I’ll do my very best to send an associate I trust with all my heart to shoot your wedding and I’ll handle the editing so you get the style you love. If this isn’t an option, you’ll be refunded in full.

How does all this travel stuff work?!

Traveling is a HUGE part of my business, and I’m pretty much an expert by now! So I do everything I can to make it as easy on you as possible. Since about 90% of the weddings I shoot are ones I travel for, I have a full page here dedicated to explaining all about the process when it comes to getting there and why you don’t need to limit yourself to hiring someone local.