Heyyy! We all have dreams, right? Well, my dream is to travel all over the freakin’ world taking pictures of beautiful people in love. And sometimes to get a little you gotta give a little. So what I’ve decided to do is design a destination bucket list. 

So what does that mean? My destination bucket list is a special list of 7 places I would give my left leg to travel to and shoot in. But since giving up my left leg wouldn’t actually do anything, I’m offering to travel to any of these amazing places to shoot your wedding photos or couples session for FREE. Yes. You heard me. Free. All you have to do is cover my travel fees and have a dang good time.

Don’t see your dream destination on my list? That’s okay! Send me an email anyway and see if it’s something we can make work. I may be able to work something out with you anyway. Also, this list will always change! As each place is ticked off my list (fingers crossed) I’ll be adding a new one!

So? What are you waiting for? Let’s travel the world!


+ Isle of Skye, Scotland

+ Bora Bora

+ Santorini, Greece

+ Vietnam

+ Thailand

+ Norway

+ Formentera, Spain