Are you considering bringing your pupper, doggo, good boi, snuggle-butt buddy to your couples or family photoshoot? If you know me, you know I LOVE dogs! Even more, I love capturing beautiful photos of beautiful people, and it’s even better when their fur children come along. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, my favorite client is your dog!

I always encourage couples to include furry members of their family in their photoshoots, there’s just something about having a happy bundle of fluff around to put everyone at ease! I know you probably don’t need more convincing, but if you do, here’s five reasons you should bring your dog to your engagement or wedding shoot!

1. Your pets are your family, including them in your photoshoot can help promote genuine moments between you and your partner. Spending time with your pets is one of the things you two do together every day, so why not do the same in your photos?

2. Gives you something to do with your hands. Many people struggle with this, especially when it’s their first time having professional photos taken, trust me, I know this. A leash around your wrist, a hand on your dog’s head, simple distractions like this can help your photos have a more natural feel.

3. Creates spontaneity, cultivating real moments, resulting in the most amazing candid shots. Let’s face it, pets can be unpredictable, and a well-placed face lick can result in some of the best, most genuine facial expressions that you just wouldn’t get without a funny, unpredictable moment. 

4. Getting engaged and married are huge life steps, as was getting a pet, so why not include one in the other? You probably wouldn’t get married without your kids or your best friend, right? For a lot of people, their pets are a little of both. I can promise that in 20 years, you’ll be so happy you have that engagement photo with your favorite fur baby. 

5. Helps you relax. Having man’s best friend there to focus some of your nervous energy, can do wonders to put you at ease. Emotions run high on your big day, we know this, and having your pet there can be a great way to make you feel more comfortable.

Whether it be an engagement, an elopement, or formal wedding, including your pet is a major trend, and I for one, am all for it! They’ll probably become my favorite member of your bridal party and your photos will be filled with some wet-nosed, floppy eared goodness to lighten up the day even more!