Hey you!

Here’s a little bit about me, the chick behind the camera.

My name is Autumn (yes, that’s my real name. It’s not Nicole like a lot of people seem to think. That’s my middle name.) I’m 23 years old and located in the beautiful state of Utah. I grew up right against the mountainside surrounded by deer and birds and a backyard always filled to the brim with flowers. Not that I always appreciated that. When I was a kid I pretty much thought Utah was the lamest state I could possibly live in because it was “boring”. But photography kind of opened up my eyes to how beautiful and unique and diverse in nature Utah really is! Now I couldn’t imagine living anywhere without the mountains.

I love Mexican food. Really all food in general, but especially Mexican. I could honestly eat tacos for every meal for the rest of my life and I think I’d be happy. I’m obsessed with animals and plants. I wear a lot of stripes and I change my hair color way too often.

I adore the mountains, lakes, and rain. Even though I get allergies sometimes. I’m honestly not that great of a hiker. I’d like to be, so I force myself to walk up a lot of steep hills and climb on rocks to be adventurous, but I’m pretty uncoordinated and I will definitely trip at least once during our session. Even if the ground is flat.

I also really love dancing. And music. A lot. Indie/alternative, folk and rock are my faves, but I’ve been recently converted to rap/hip-hop which I can honestly say I never thought would happen. But I’m glad it did. Now I think I like just about everything besides country music and screamo. But if you like those, kudos. I’m sure they have their moments. Whatever makes your ears happy!

So, here’s my story:

I became interested in photography when I was just a kid. I never considered myself super artsy, but as far back as 6th grade I remember setting up silly photoshoots with my friends and forcing them to pose for me. Obviously, I was terrible, but it sparked something in me. I kept practicing and then by the time I was in 8th grade, instagram happened. I was fascinated by the idea of instagram. Having the opportunity to share my “work” anytime I wanted and having an excuse to always be taking new pictures. Even if all I had was an iPod touch and some dinky apps. I took one class in high school and was so pumped about getting to play around with a DSLR for the first time.

The day I made the leap and bought a real camera, even if the intention back then was just to do it for fun, my life was changed a little. I never pictured myself making photography my career, but when I eventually got hired for my first engagement shoot, one thing led to another, and soon I realized it was all I wanted to do.

Now here I am, three and a half years and lots of pictures later, lucky enough to do something I love every day, travel all over the place, and meet the greatest people along the way. “Dream job” is an understatement. I get ACTUAL tears in my eyes sometimes when I start thinking about how lucky I feel and how much love I’m filled to the brim with for all of my amazing couples I’ve been able to work with over the past couple years. Plus, the INCREDIBLE amount of support I receive from my friends in the industry, in real life, and my super rad family who always has my back. Don’t know what I’d do without those nuggets.